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February 3rd, 2014

Ok I have to admit when I saw the commercial for this product (features a GORGEOUS red headed/ strawberry blonde woman) I didnt really “get it”.  I thought with all the things I have to worry about to keep up with the “anti-aging” freight train(hardly a band wagon) who gives a “f” about my EYELASHES??!!!!  Really?? Flawless skin -shapely waist-perky breasts-my ass and thighs are  NOT supposed to look like someone threw golf balls at them-NOW my eyelashes are a give away to my actual age!!! AAAHHHHHH!! Sooooo I bit the bullet and tried it.  You have to get a prescription for it or buy it from a physician directed  cosmetic/laser clinic. Your optometrist can also sell this to you!! You are supposed to apply this clear water like liquid with the single use brushes that come with it to your lash line (no make up on) just before bed.  I noticed that the thickish brushes they give you hold too much product-it’s a bit of a waste for these EXPENSIVE precious drops  so I was using the left over on my brush to rub into my  sparse eyebrows.  This was  a good idea as I did see an improvement in both areas-though I still eventually used a small natural bristle eye liner brush which worked perfectly – no waste!! Just washed it well and let air dry after each use.  The system that is supplied provides you with a kazillion brushes b/c they want you to use one brush for each eye.  If you don’t have an eye infection I can’t see why you would need to do this and seriously you would go through the product so fast.  If you use their brushes use one for both eyes and if it still feels fairly wet then make sure you rub it into thinning parts of your brows or just keep swiping into your lash line.

ONE IMPORTANT PIECE OF INFO: make sure you apply a thickish layer of eye cream or even some Vaseline(provide a barrier) around your orbital bone so that the product doesn’t keep soaking into the outish area of your eyes-this product DOES MAKE HAIR GROW!!  If it drips/leaks down your face take a tissue and wipe off.  Picture raccoon fur mask or werewolf…….. not so hott.

It does work as long as you keep using it-I found after 4 weeks of nightly use I could “maintain” with every second night applications.  It is expensive but these tips did make my teeny tiny bottle last about  4 months.  I loved the way it really helps define your eyes without make up on and when I did use mascara and full eye makeup -looked really good!!Lashes become luscious!!! Pretty cool stuff.



Rescue Skin Care and Hair Removal Studio

January 20th, 2014

We had a few new clients come by to try us out as their regular spa had suddenly closed.  RESCUE SKIN CARE and HAIR REMOVAL STUDIO (Granville and 7th) is completely empty ( walked by today) with a “For Lease” sign in the window.  Any clients that have gift certificates for Rescue Skin Care are welcome to come in and use them.  We will honour 30% of the value of the certificates until March 31, 2014.   As far as location goes we are actually quite close and have convenient FREE PARKING. Our prices are comparable as well. One of our most popular services are Brazilian waxes for both men and women  and we offer 50% off every 5th one!   If you have been a client at Rescue and need a new place to go for waxing or any of your esthetics -give us a try.  We would love the opportunity to become your new beauty stop!!



MoroccanOil, Opi and more Stocking Stuffers!

December 17th, 2013

How’s your Christmas shopping going? Well we want everyone to know that you can purchase gift certificates to treat that special person that is on your NICE list! We also have some great stocking stuffers or UNDER $20 from MoroccanOil Body, OPI and Crystal Nail Files!

Stop in before Christmas and stock up, we won’t tell if you happen to put some items in your stocking too!!

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MoroccanOil BODY!!

December 6th, 2013

YEEEEES! it’s true! The company that makes MoroccanOil hair care products (the most amazing hair serum ever!) has expanded their product line andVancouver, A Touch Above, Beauty Products, MoroccanOil launched a BODY CARE LINE!  The body souffle is outstanding-whipped texture and that sexy signature scent of Moroccanoil serum!  They have a dry body oil that absorbs instantly,an orange peel scrub that is to die for, luscious  hand creams (great stocking stuffer) and more intensive hydrating treatments.

This brand really comes through AGAIN-the Moroccanoil  Body line is luxurious and sexy -come in and test the products out and you will oohhh and aaahhhh your way through them!!



Vancouver Magazine’s Top 20 Spa’s!!!

April 11th, 2012

A Touch Above, Top 20, Vancouver, Spa

We made it!! Yeah!! Thanks to all of our clients (GUYS -YOU ROCK!!)
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