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Dremel Pedicures!!

August 18th, 2011

Finally the weather we’ve all been waiting for!!  After all of us have been “flip flopping” around stepp’n out in sandals it is time for some tootsie TLC.  Ok-really they are starting to look SHREK’ish sooo much needed maintenance PLEASE.  My favourite is the Deluxe Dremel Pedicure.  It includes a sugar scrub and the amazing Dremel buffing tool.  It is really a mini sander but sounds cuter when I say “buff”.  This handy tool polishes (sands?) away built up callous and leaves your feet baby smooth.  GUYS this is for you for sure!! Try it and see.  All the partners of the world will cheer.  This is for the professionals and trust me you will actually learn to LOVE your feet.  This is by far the best pedicure in Vancouver.  Relaxed private room-nice..not a fan of schmoozing with strangers when personal grooming is invovled:) Also I dont’ have the (How shall I say this nicely) the snob factor to just pretend my foot flakes arent flying around an open waiting area amonsgt other people…  not to mention stray nail shrapnel…EEEWWW!  Again  this is why you love us.