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September 27th, 2011

I was at the Whitecaps game on Saturday and the guy sitting in front of me had the nicest looking hands! I only noticed b/c he answered his phone so his hand was up by his ear. His cuticles were all pushed back perfectly -no shaggy, dry bits and his nails were trimmed and filed to a proper well groomed length. He had beautiful man hands! I think you guys should know that the ladies notice and we like!! It shows you have your “$%#@” together-or at least it makes you look like you do:).

Men’s Waxing

September 22nd, 2011

30% of our clients are men!! We have actually had entire days booked with just guys. Kinda flukey but it has happened. They all find us via internet. Seems guys prefer to “search” vs “ask” for info regarding personal grooming. Almost the same “guy vs girl” thang when it comes to directions:). I hope the guys will ask any questions they may have either thru the blog or by email. THOSE who do not want the nasty bits discussed LOOK AWAY !! Some FAQ’S are: How much(and where)is hair removed for a male Braz wax ? Scrotum/pubic area at the base of the penis and up between the cheeks. You can choose to leave some hair at the base if you wish. It’s the same for ladies -some choose to leave a strip or patch on the top. Just b/c its called a Braz doesn’t mean you have to take absolutely everything-it is what you prefer. Bottoms Up is full buttocks and b/w the cheeks. Post Wax : We recommend using Tend Skin after waxing to prevent ingrowns and take the redness down. No HOT showers or hot tubs (24hrs) no tanning (48hrs) or anything that will cause a lot of sweating or friction:0 includes gym) for 24hrs. Keeping on a 4-6 week schedule will make this process as quick/painless as possible. The hair will feel finer and softer as you continue this process ON A SCHEDULE:) All of our staff are highly trained certified professionals and have a ton of experience. We do this all the time. The best men’s waxing in Vancouver!