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February 23rd, 2014

Most of us are not sure what this term really means.  Basically it is a process that naturally occurs when our skin “sheds” but sometimes the cells don’t slough off so well on their own which can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. As we age this natural process needs a lot more “help”.  Helping your skin get rid of this build up reveals younger more vibrant healthy new skin.  How OFTEN should we do this?  On average exfoliating twice a week is just about right.  If you have naturally oily skin you may need to do this 3 or 4 times a week as the oil traps the skin cells and causes more of a build up.  Aging skin requires more exfoliation as well  (both for your  face and body… goodtimes).

Watch for signs of over exfoliation such as redness,overly sensitized, dry flakey patches ( my favourite when I over do it-you can “molt” like a snake and no make up in the world can hide this) when this happens switch to a gentle cleanser and a calming hydrating masque along with a soothing protective moisturizer for sensitive skin .  I always over do it so this is my back up plan.

Exfoliating products basically come in 2 types :  Some  “mechanically” scrub off the dead skin cells (these products include small granules that physically buff off the dead cells) and others that “chemically” or “enzymatic-ally” dissolve the dead built up cells. These products contain salicylic acid and alpha /beta hydroxy acids.  Get professional advice for what type of exfoliation is best for you based on your skin type and requirements.

Exfoliating is a necessary step for beautiful healthy skin. This process also allows all of  your products to penetrate your skin better allowing them to deliver the ingredients and hydration that they need too. All the serums and potions we invest in cannot deliver their punch if they just sit on top of your skin.






Valentine’s Day is almost here!

February 7th, 2014

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February 3rd, 2014

Ok I have to admit when I saw the commercial for this product (features a GORGEOUS red headed/ strawberry blonde woman) I didnt really “get it”.  I thought with all the things I have to worry about to keep up with the “anti-aging” freight train(hardly a band wagon) who gives a “f” about my EYELASHES??!!!!  Really?? Flawless skin -shapely waist-perky breasts-my ass and thighs are  NOT supposed to look like someone threw golf balls at them-NOW my eyelashes are a give away to my actual age!!! AAAHHHHHH!! Sooooo I bit the bullet and tried it.  You have to get a prescription for it or buy it from a physician directed  cosmetic/laser clinic. Your optometrist can also sell this to you!! You are supposed to apply this clear water like liquid with the single use brushes that come with it to your lash line (no make up on) just before bed.  I noticed that the thickish brushes they give you hold too much product-it’s a bit of a waste for these EXPENSIVE precious drops  so I was using the left over on my brush to rub into my  sparse eyebrows.  This was  a good idea as I did see an improvement in both areas-though I still eventually used a small natural bristle eye liner brush which worked perfectly – no waste!! Just washed it well and let air dry after each use.  The system that is supplied provides you with a kazillion brushes b/c they want you to use one brush for each eye.  If you don’t have an eye infection I can’t see why you would need to do this and seriously you would go through the product so fast.  If you use their brushes use one for both eyes and if it still feels fairly wet then make sure you rub it into thinning parts of your brows or just keep swiping into your lash line.

ONE IMPORTANT PIECE OF INFO: make sure you apply a thickish layer of eye cream or even some Vaseline(provide a barrier) around your orbital bone so that the product doesn’t keep soaking into the outish area of your eyes-this product DOES MAKE HAIR GROW!!  If it drips/leaks down your face take a tissue and wipe off.  Picture raccoon fur mask or werewolf…….. not so hott.

It does work as long as you keep using it-I found after 4 weeks of nightly use I could “maintain” with every second night applications.  It is expensive but these tips did make my teeny tiny bottle last about  4 months.  I loved the way it really helps define your eyes without make up on and when I did use mascara and full eye makeup -looked really good!!Lashes become luscious!!! Pretty cool stuff.