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Moroccan Oil

October 6th, 2014

Alright as far as hair products go I have tried MANY.  This popular serum has been around forever and the smell is absolutely hypnotic.  One pump applied to washed toweled off hair is going to transform your hair.  It absorbs deep into each strand leaving it lush and shiny and NOT GREASY.  This is the first and only oil product that hasn’t weighed down my hair.  My daughters and I laugh and have extended our time between haircuts because of this stuff.  We just make sure we get it on the ends and it magically repairs ?hides(?) split ends and allows our hair to grow LONG AND STRONG.  They have a “lite” version as well for finer/blonde hair.  The original serum  is a darker colour and I was told that it can dull light shiny blonde hair with repeated use so they came up with a “lite” version that is thinner in viscosity and paler in colour.  Delivers the same oomfph as the original.  They have travel sizes which is a great way to test it out b/c you really only need the tiniest bit-the stuff lasts forever.