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March 2nd, 2015

This was an interesting article which of course WE LOVE because we are NOT A “NAIL BAR”!  Once you experience  a REAL full service manicure ( which takes an easy 45 -60 mins ) you will never look back. This blurb is from Refinery29 Everywhere.



Spa-Like Salons
Most nail salons are pretty clinical-looking, and tend to run you through like you’re on an assembly line. “You’re just kind of cringing through the process,” says Eleanor Langston, founder and CEO of Paintbox. “It’s like going to the dentist. It’s on your to-do list.”

Those of us who live in major cities are already familiar with the idea of a bespoke nail salon — those cushy places that look like your decor-savvy friend’s apartment, they serve Champagne and are stocked with designer polishes. Langston believes that this is where all salons are headed. “I think that women are starting to put more and more pride into their nails,” she says. “The service side is also geared up to take that pride that women see in it. So, it’s going to continue to get really niche-y.”

Over the next few years, Langston sees these bespoke salons outpacing the around-the-corner joints we’re used to, especially in smaller towns and cities. Sure, your local salon will likely still be there. But, the spa-like manicure experience will become more common.