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Best Pedicures in Vancouver

March 4th, 2016

If you have not tried us out for our pedicures then you clearly have not really even had a full pedicure!! Embrace the PRIVACY of your OWN ROOM-this is not a nail bar!!!  Relax and enjoy this full service that includes a relaxing soak, callous removal (and not so overdone that it hurts:( …) detailed cuticle work, precise clipping of your nails, proper shaping/filing/buffing and of course the massage-ahhhhhhh, polish if you like.  GUYS this is what you need- no Shrek feet please.  We use only  Gehwol professional foot care products from Germany.  ONLY licensed spa therapists service our clients.  For these reasons we do provide the best pedicures in Vancouver!!!

Take advantage of $10 off for the month of March.